Guide for Editorial Help

Editorial help is often sought by writers at various stages in the writing and publishing of their work.  It is a personal relationship and may go on for some time, so the writer needs to make a connection and be comfortable with any editor.


There are a number of organisations that provide support for writers wanting editorial help.  We have listed them in the order we feel most user-friendly for local writers:


1. A directory of local editors is provided by Writing WA, in the Literary Directory page of their website:


This list provides a profile of each editor making it easy to compare.  Each profile can be expanded for more information, providing a comprehensive biography, qualifications, experience and publications.  There is also contact information, enabling writers to get in touch with the editor directly.


2. The Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) is the peak Australian body.  Their website is:


There is a page on their website called Find and Editor with useful information about types of editorial support available:


The page also provides a link to a Directory of editors.  However, the directory is searched by criteria, so it is difficult peruse available editors and compare them:


3. The Society of Editors WA are the WA branch of IPEd.  They have a website, but it is linked to the same directory as IPEd:

Good luck in your editorial search, and happy writing!