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Stuart and Hadow 2022 writers uphold prize's tradition of exceptional writing

Stuart and Hadow winner Patrick Boxall attending via Zoom, and judge Josephine Taylor on screen.
The winner of this year's Stuart and Hadow Short Story Competition, Patrick Boxall, judged by acclaimed Western Australian author Josephine Taylor, far left. 

Convincing and engaging stories that sometimes comforted, sometimes challenged, characterised entries in the 2022 Stuart and Hadow Short Story Competition.

These were the observations of acclaimed author Josephine Taylor, in announcing the winning and commended writers on September 10. 

The winner was Patrick Boxall, for his story The Museum of Broken Relationships. For all winning and commended writers and the judge's report in full, please click here.In the course of her role as judge of the 2022 Stuart and Hadow Short Story Competition Josephine Taylor said she read many, many convincing and engaging stories that sometimes comforted, sometimes challenged, and

frequently extended her understanding of the world and human behaviour.

'I found myself in

convincingly drawn suburban settings and vividly realised dystopic futures, with writers massaging words into narratives of war and peace, horror and revenge, fantasy and romance.'

Ms Taylor commended Patrick Boxall in particular, whose work has been recognised previously in the Stuart and Hadow.

'Special congratulations to Patrick Boxall, who, I discovered when given author details once I’d determined placings, won this same competition in 2020, and whose first- and third-placed stories this year speak to the capacity to write convincingly – and winningly! – across a range of voices and forms.'

First prize
Patrick Boxall, Victoria — The Museum of Broken Relationships

Second prize

Jodie Kewley, Victoria — My boys

Third prize

Patrick Boxall, Victoria — Highway to heal


Curtain Call, by Megan Anderson, from WA;

Gold, by Rebecca Higgie, from WA; and

Amateur mycology, by Emily Tsokos Purtill from WA

Read the judge's report in full here

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