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Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2020


The Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2020 has now closed.


Save the Date: Prize Ceremony 22nd February, evening.  Venue to be announced.

Stay tuned for the shortlist, which will be published on the Website.

Thank you all those who entered and supported this long-running prize.

Past Competitions PP

Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize 2020


Patrick Boxall, 'Blitzkrieg' (VIC)


Ben Blitzer, 'Little Hero' (Merredin, WA)

Erwin Cabucos, 'Theresa' (QLD)

Kylie Shearer, 'Second Chance Elodie' (VIC)

Rita Tognini, 'When I Met Alice Munro' (WA)

Sean Wilson, 'Bully' (VIC)

Thank you Nigel Featherstone for your insightful Judges Report 2020.

Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2019

The Tom Collins Poetry Prize is an annual competition inaugurated by FAWWA in 1975 in memory of the Australian author Joseph Furphy (1843 - 1912). Under the name Tom Collins, he wrote the Australian classic,  Such is Life, as well as many poems.

TCPP 2019 Winners

FAWWA is delighted to announce the Winners of the 2019 Tom Collins Poetry Prize:

1. Michael Greenacre – Missing Pieces

2. David Atkinson – The Straining Rowlocks

3. Peter Burges – Of Shearing

HC. Andrew Lansdown – Cherry Blossom Contemplations

HC. Nathan Curnow – The Lifeguard

HC. Josephine Clarke – Boronia megastigma

HC. Damen O’Brien – Day of the Spiders

C. Rita Tognini – Step-By-Step

C. Laurie Smith – All Shook Up

C. Jan Napier – On the Hill

C. Daniel Foster – The Death of Who I’m Not

Read Shane McCauley's Judges Report

Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2019

Stuart Hadow Short Story Competition 2019

Stuart Hadow Judge's report


First  -      Nadia Lisa King for Mariko’s Mouse

Second - Carmel Lillis for How I’ll Know Her

Third -     John Scholz for Boat People

Highly Commended - Michael Hunt for Between two Eternities

Highly Commended - Jim Brigginshaw for The White Horse

Highly Commended  - David Vernon for

                                       The Wrong Side of the Tracks


Commended - Susan Thompson for Letter from the Last Duchess

Commended - Lesley Neale for Amber the Dog

Commended - Ted Witham for The Odd Number

Huge congratulations to you all!

Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2018


Read the Judge's Report

Winner            Busted Piano Man – Christopher Konrad        

Second Prize Coming of Age – Kristen Lang

Third Prize      Barney Embraces Technology  - Peter Burke

Highly Commended

The Life of Caves Glen Phillips

Homage Marguerite – Julie Watts

strands of us – Kevin Gillam

Elk Rapids, Lake Michigan – Kim Waters


Love-Locked – Gillian Telford

Dreamlands Hopscotch – Yvonne Patterson

In Somnolence – Scott-Patrick Mitchell

Lazarette on Peel Island – Damen O’Brien

Talking to my Father – Tony London

Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize 2018



1st: Chair - Peter Court

2nd: One Time My Sister - Melanie Napthine

3rd: Kind - Melanie Napthine

Highly commended:

Salt of the Earth - Ryan Delaney

Behavioural Experiment - Tanya Vavilova


Forget it, Jake - Paulette Gittens

Tropical Cyclone - Tanya Vavilova

Congratulations to all the winners and those who took part. For more information, please read the Judge's Report by Laurie Steed.

Tom Collins Poetry Prize 2017

Congratulations to the following:


1st: Rock the Baby - Andy Kissane

2nd: Orbit - Vanessa Proctor

3rd: On Route to the Iroquois Museum - Laura Shore

Highly commended:

Tom's Story - Robert Lumsden

Mathinna - Vanessa Page

Tell Me You Are Here - Alex Ripper


Carpet - Colin Montfort

The Lie - Laura Shore

Open House, Palm Springs Modernism Week - Helen Thurloe

The 2017 prize was judged by Judith Rodriguez, to read the full Judge's report click here.

Stuart Hadow Short Story Prize 2017

Congratulations to the following:


1st: Doors Closing - Dorothea Pffaf

2nd: Dead Ringer - Julie Woodland

3rd: Godsend - Jodie Kewley

Highly commended:

The Good Earth - Roseanne Dingli

The A30 Woodsmen - Kit Peek


The Care Taker - Jemma Tyley-Miller

Pig - Philip Silvester

The 2017 prize was judged by Elizabeth Tan, to read the full Judge's report click here.

Rees Prize for Young Writers

The Rees Prize for Young Writers has been created as a biannual competition by FAWWA to support young Australian writers, and honour WA writers Coralie and Leslie Rees. 2016 was the first year for this contest, open to writers up to 21 years of age at the time of the closing date.

In 2016, the theme was 'Mars and Beyond'.

The following list were the winners of the 2016 competition:


1st: The Seven Travellers of 1184 - Jennifer Worgan (NSW)

2nd: The Price of Immortality - Alexandria Walker (QLD)

Highly commended

18-21 age category

Salvation - Stephanie Liddlelow (WA)

We Were Once Immortals - Anne Feng (WA)

15-17 age category

Saving Tomorrow - Katha Villanueva (VIC)

Silence - Radheya Jegatheva (WA)

Under 15 age category

Escape from the Earthlings - Lydia Colla (NSW)

Those Stars of Mine - Sarah Petersen

The 2016 Prize was judged by Emily Paull, click here for the judge's report.

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